Thank you for your continued support of The Children's Museum Project.

The Children's Museum Project is an initiative born from a fatal accident caused by our truck.
Facing such a tragedy, we sought a way to reduce the number of traffic accidents as much as possible, not through a management system, but through a way in which people's conscience is revealed through pictures drawn by pure children.

In the course of our activities, we have learned a great deal and have been touched by the kindness of many people.

Kindness is something that every person has.

We would like to spread this kindness without being bound by corporate boundaries.
In order to value the pure feelings of children and your warm support, to establish our position as a more public activity, and to work as a project that exists together with everyone more than ever, we are pleased to announce that The Children's Museum Project has been incorporated as Children's Museum Project Association since April 2019.

We will continue to create and provide places where people can connect with each other with kindness and aim for a world full of smiling faces.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

Children's Museum Project Association
Hirofumi Miyata, Representative Director

Our Wishes for The Children's Museum Project

Transportation companies are making various efforts to prevent accidents.
Along with daily roll call, training, and system development for safe driving, we are introducing IT equipment such as digital tachographs, backup eye cameras, and drive recorders that monitor both inside and outside of a vehicle.
Even so, these are not enough to achieve dramatic accident prevention.

In addition, in an organization, the relationship between the trucking companies and the driver tends to be one of "managing" and "being managed," and safety efforts tend to become obligatory and constrictive.

When we sought an effective way to prevent accidents, we found one of our drivers put a picture drawn by his child on his dashboard, with the message says that,
"Dad, Thank you for everything you do! Please drive safely!”

The child's drawing was so beautiful that it went straight to the heart of the driver.

We wanted to create a place where everyone can connect to children's drawings and messages.
We thought, what if we turn these drawings into posters and wrap our trucks with them…
This is how The Children's Museum Truck was born.

No one wants a traffic accident to happen.
We get a little irritated. We’re in a hurry. Tired from work…
The slightest carelessness can cause a major accident.

The Children's Museum Truck helps both the driver and the people watching the truck regain a relaxed mind.
We want to draw attention to the desires to be kind and to make the world a better place that is in everybody’s heart.
The Children's Museum Truck will bring back the feeling of "I want to be kind, I want to make the world a better place.” We want The Children's Museum trucks to be on every road in Japan.
If we do this, we can reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Everyone will become kinder, little by little.
We dream that all trucks in Japan will be Children's Museum trucks.

Children’s Museum Project Association
2F, 6-11Sawaragihigashimati, Ibaraki City, Osaka, Japan, 567-0863
TEL: +81-72-646-6013, FAX: +81-72-646-6014

About the Screening

For those who wish to organize a screening of the documentary film “Live on Love”
We are calling on organizers to hold screenings of the film "Live on Love" in the following ways.
If you wish to organize a screening, please follow the procedures below.

[Types of Screening Parties]

  • Home viewing parties
  • Screening at events
  • Screening at small movie theaters
  • Online screening

*Organizers can choose the type of screening that suits their needs.

*There are also two types of English versions available, so please choose one when you apply.
(1) English audio + English subtitles
(2) English audio + Japanese subtitles

[Fees for Screenings]
Fees for screenings are explained below. Depending on the state in which the screening is held, the ticket price plus state sales tax may be charged.
A 5% discount will be applied for screenings of 50 or more people.
If you are planning a large-scale screening for an event, please contact us for further details.

Ticket Price
Adult (13 and older)
Ticket Price
12 and younger
1-50 people$12.00$10.00
More than 50 people$11.40$9.50Screenings with 50 or more
people receive a 5% discount

[Application Procedure]
(1) Once you have decided on the number of people who will attend the screening, please use the application form below to let us know the suggested date for your screening.
Click here for the application form

(2) The screening fee is payable in advance via PayPal.
After we confirmed the receipt of the application form, you will receive a bank transfer notice from the Association, so please complete the payment procedure first.

(3) We will send you a link to the data after confirming your payment.

*Please be aware that the Association cannot be held responsible for any problems or accidents related to screenings or screening operations.